Oxygenate to rejuvenate
yourself with True

Using unparalleled technology, True is pure water that has been tightly infused with medical grade oxygen.

Bringing you true pure water that’s truly supercharged with oxygen.

Exercise has never felt easier

Experience quicker recovery while exercising.

Oxygenated water has been proven to improve the clearance of lactic acid build-up in muscles so that you can recover quicker to perform better

Long-term Benefits

Increases Metabolism

Reduces Body Fat

Tones Muscles

Lowers Cholesterol

Improves Sleep

Enhances Immunity

Enhances Antioxidant Enzyme Activity

  • Oxygen is an important element in our body.
  • We require it to transform the food and liquids we consumer into energy (A.K.A our metabolism).
  • This energy is used to carry out all cellular processes in our body.
  • A higher concentration of oxygen in the body leads to an enhanced rate of oxygen absorption.
  • Boosting our metabolic functions resulting in these long-term benefits.

These benefits only come into effect after drinking oxygenated water consistently after a specific period subject to individual health and lifestyle.

Our product is True Oxygenated Water

Some oxygenated water brands in the market may not be genuine. Carry out this test to check the legitimacy of the product.

The millions of bubbles seen are the 02 bubbles signifying high oxygen content in water.


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